HUNY Boost

HUNY is the world first and largest arecoline technology company, we provide industry leading technologies include fastest release product within all smoke shop products.

By joining HUNY, you'll have a trusted partner to help you navigate the ever-expanding smoke shop industry. Given our unique and industry-leading arecoline technology, along with top-tier R&D capabilities, means you have access to one of a kind products and an advantageous edge over competitors.

  • World First

  • One of A Kind

  • Fastest Release / Timed half life

Our Support

  • Localized Products and Teams

    Quality products that meet local consumer needs.

  • Regional Price Protection

    A guaranteed stable price system for all global partners.

  • Marketing Support

    Enjoy comprehensive digital marketing support.


  • Regional PR Support

    Boost brand recognition & cultivate a positive reputation.

  • POSM Support

    Enjoy extensive points of sales material support.

  • Training Support

    Complete training for store openings, products and sales.